Psychology center

Kinga Korpacz

March 16, 2023

I had the pleasure of observing Ms. Kinga Korpacz for about 20 years. Each time I see her in different domain of her life, she seems to reach perfection. She seems to be a wonderful mother. Her children are present in every moment of her life as they accompany her to different social functions, and her holiday cards are full of family warmth. The sense of family, togetherness, and warmth spilled into her work. Her facebook post and the functions she attends always include her coworkers and/or employees. They seem to learn together, eat together, and dance together. I am amazed that she can be a fantastic mom and organized boss all at once. Also, she is able to find time to attend various social, cultural, and political functions. All her warmth spills to others when they are touched by her, this is certainly true for me. By making this post, I would like to thank her for being who she is and for supporting other women.