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Psychotherapy in our clinic is usually scheduled for at least 45 minutes. It is a visit with a clinical psychologist who has a license to treat mental health problems.

Psychotherapy is not a casual talk or chat. Casual discussions are those we have with family, friends, neighbors and bystanders in stores, elevators or on the bus. Those conversations do not have consequences and may contain empty words that are offered out of kindness. Casual talks are free and do not have the ethical and professional rules of psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy is a paid process during which the client/patient evaluates their professional or private life, their personality, relationships and behaviors.

Psychotherapists in our clinic are highly educated professionals who have completed a doctoral degree, have years of practicums and internships, and  years of supervision that has allowed them to provide high quality psychotherapy services.

Our doctors adhere to the strict ethical codes of the psychology profession. For instance, our doctors do not have personal relationships with the people that they serve. The doctors do not attend social gatherings with  them, and if they find themselves together in a public setting, the staff do not acknowledge the context of their relationship with their clients/patients.  This is to protect the privacy of the existing therapeutic process.

Our psychotherapists facilitate change in their clients by prioritizing their problems and addressing some issues in the short term and others when they have learned how to better manage them.

The therapists do not disclose information presented in the theraputic proces to anyone. The only time they would break confidentiality would be in a potential suicidal or homicidal situation. Our psychotherapists are mandated reporters. This means they report any elderly or child abuse.

Our psychotherapists respect all viewpoints and never impose their own values onto the the people they work within therapeutic encounters. We serve people who belong to different nationalities, races, cultures, religions, and represent various sexual interests. Our psychotherapists are skilled at engaging those in therapy and guide them to  discover their own paths to happiness through professional skilled interventions.

Psychotherapy approaches:

  • The behavioral approach focuses on changing behaviors such as quitting smoking or planning to return to school.
  • Through the cognitive approach, the focus is on the discovery of automatic, unrealistic, and harmful thoughts. The application of new skills and perspectives learned in psychotherapy allow patients avoid problems and achieve a happier and healthier life.

The psychotherapy process is not easy. It requires boldness to be able to see your own mistakes and then apply changes. It requires you to learn and engage in honest self-evaluation which give you the ability to build self-worth and self-esteem. In other words, it is a process during which the person becomes vulnerable and then gains strength to better his or her life. Our psychotherapists are well trained to offer such assistance. But most of all, they provide a “safe space” for all who participate in therapy.

All psychotherapy provided by Wegierek Psychology Center is conducted by licensed professional staff or staff in training supervised by licensed professionals.                      

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